Linear Lookout


The Linear Lookout, or by its original name ’The Gate’, is an experimental landscape installation designed and built on a meadow next to one of the northernmost settlements of Hungary, a village named Ipolytarnóc. Ipolytarnóc hosts the "100 Sparks" art and motor festival every year on two venues, a town house and its garden in the village used for music and other cultural events, and the above-mentioned meadow used for the motor race and meeting.


The wooden, sign-like structure is placed on the slope of the meadow pointing towards the village. Both the rhythm and the scale of the structure use vernacular architecture as their main inspiration. The installation acts as a wall with two sides, where the gate-like opening softens the borders. The wall not only divides, it is also a means of connection and visibility: it can be walked upon horizontally, allowing a person to gain height and distance from the slope below, and use the top of the structure as a lookout lane.


The dramaturgy of the installation becomes clear as one approaches it from the road. From afar the wall acts as a sign in the landscape. When we reach the bottom of the slope, the gate in the wall becomes visible as a symbol of invitation. Once we arrive at the structure, we examine the highest point and discover the possibility of walking – and looking out – towards its endpoint.


site: Ipolytarnóc, Hungary type: installation / new building status: built year: 2019 size: 6,0 x 1,0 x 21,0 m team: Anna Tánczos + Róbert Szabó Péter + Zsófia Zétényi DLA

Image credits: Anna Táncos + Zoltán Kalászi + 100 Sparks + Péter Róbert Szabó + Zsófia Zétényi DLA