Intermodal Station


According to the Budapest Agglomeration Railway Strategy, in the near future passenger traffic will triple. This will cause significant overload on the railway station without infrastructure extension. Therefore the goal of this design is to handle the growth of the passenger traffic and at the same time to create a better connection between the two sides of the city than the existing undercrossing. The appearance of the design creates a city-gate effect from the viewpoint of railway passengers. These features are created by a concrete bridge structure following the current underpass and the lightweight steel and glass roofing covering it.


site: Kelenföld Railway Station, Hungary type: extension status: concept design year: 2021 size: 17 000 m2 team: Gábor Soóki Tóth + Viktória Szemes + RJZS Architects

Image credits: Whitebox Visual + RJZS Architects